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White topaz or Cubic Zirconia (April) Birthstone Stacking Ring

White topaz or Cubic Zirconia (April) Birthstone Stacking Ring

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Stone Shape and Size

Birthstone Stacking Rings make such a meaningful piece of jewellery,and combined in a stacking set make beautiful way to keep those precious to you with you always. 


I've designed these rings to be worn together or individually, and they can be added to over time. I love making additional rings to add to a stacking ring set when a new baby is born! 


All the information you need to know about choosing a birthstone stacking set is here.

Choose the birthstones of your children; or maybe yourself and a loved one with my stacking 9ct gold stacking heart ring in between. There are no rules, you can have your own birthstone in there or not - choose what works for you. 

See my gallery page for stacking ring inspiration.

I have listed all the possible birthstone stacking rings by both shape (or cut) of the stone (e.g all the roung faceted cut rings), or by the gemstone so here I've brought together all of the possible shapes for April birthstones I offer which  are white topaz and cubic zirconia.  

The traditional birthstone for April is diamond with white topaz and cubic zircona being the secondary and most popular birthstones for the month.. They are just as beautiful as a diamond but definitely more affordable!


White topaz and cubic zircona (cz) are similar looking and could both be mistaken for a diamond at first glance, but the cz has more of an internal sparkle to it. Cz is lab made, whilst the white topaz is a natural stone. 

Both stones are unfortunately not deemed suitable for cabochon cuts (the stone shape which is flat at the back and domed on top) so you will only see the faceted cut stones here. 

All of my birthstone stacking rings work beautifully stacked with others - my most popular stacks consist of 3 rings, but up to 5 can work well together.


But of course, they also look absolutely lovely on their own. An white topaz or cubic zircona ring would be a perfect gift for an April birthday - especially for a significant birthday like an 18th or 21st.  


For each of the shapes you can choose different sizes of the stones. The longer shapes such as the oval and pear, come in a 6x4mm or 7x5m option, and the shorter shapes such as square, round and trillion come in 4mm (for the square which looks bigger because of it's shape), 5mm and 6mm. 


A combination of a 7x5mm longer shape with a 5mm round or trillion, and a 4mm square looks perfectly proportioned together.


If you're going to wear the ring on it's own and not in a stack any of the sizes will work. 


The stone is set in your choice of metal, either recycled silver or recycled 9ct gold on a handmade 2.3 x 1.5mm D-profile band. 


Your band will be made to your requested size, but please note if you buy three or more rings to stack you should choose a size 1/2 to one full size bigger to ensure a correct fit. 


It's important to get the size correct as unfortunately I am unable to reduce the ring size. But if needs be, I can stretch the ring size slightly by 1/2 or 1 full size. 


To make them even more personal I can engrave a name or date into your rings. There's some more information about personalisation here. 

Care information

All sterling silver and 9ct gold jewellery will benefit from a polish with a jewellery polishing cloth. Used regularly this can keep tarnish at bay. Avoid contact with water for long periods, and chemicals.

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