So, if you've spent anytime looking around my site, facebook or insta you will have guessed by now that birthstones are a pretty big deal for me. 

It's not that I think birthstones have a special talismanic property to them. I know lots of people do, but for me it's not about that.  It's that extra layer of meaning (and thoughtfulness) that the birthstones lend to a piece of jewellery that makes them special. The symbolism of the stone more than it's properties per se. 

My love of birthstones came about as I wanted to design something that could hold a special meaning for the wearer. Some personal, and beautiful way of signifying the special people in your life. And hey presto my birthstone stacking rings were born. You can choose the shape and size of the stones to pick and mix your perfect set - they can be all round, or a mix of different shapes. So many combinations that it's rare for me to make two sets the same - which makes me very happy!

If you just want a tried and tested stacking set in terms of which stones sit together beautifully, I have now have some birthstone stacking ring sets for which you just need to choose which stone you'd like where. Easy! 

My love of birthstones and their symbolism has now spread to all sorts of designs in my collection. I just can't get enough of them. 

The stones I use for each month are below:

which birthstone for each month

These aren't hard rules.  There are options. If you don't like your stone there are always alternatives. 

April - sorry I don't currently offer white diamonds, so I go for the alternatives of white topaz, or cz instead. 

June - the traditional birthstone is pearl, which isn't hardwearing enough in my view to be used in everyday jewellery, so I use the alternative stone, which is moonstone. It's more hardwearing and is absolutely beautiful!

October - there are two stones for October, opal or tourmaline. I use opal the most - but it's not the most hardwearing of stones for everyday wear. The choice is yours!

November - the traditional stone is yellow topaz, but this is very hard to come by these days so I use the alternative which is citrine. Some people prefer to use a different topaz instead - there are lots of blue topaz to choose from. 

December - there are a few stones that represent December. The key one is Turquoise, but the clear stones are tanzanite, london blue topaz, or swiss blue topaz. 

If you're having trouble imagining how your stones will look together, please get in touch and I will hopefully have the stones you're interested in here, and can send you a picture or video. 

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Looking to get a stacker ring with either a gold heart or the Russian wedding ring. I love the look of the square stone and round stone and teardrop style but would like to incorporate an August and March birthstone but equally happy to have pastels included. Do you have any advise on which colours would go together. Thanks in advance ! Sarah x

Sarah Dyer

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