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What size bangle do I need?

How do I measure for a bangle?

When you're looking for a new bangle you will often find a few different size options, but you might not know which is right for you. 

For example, on my website I offer three size options as standard for my bangles:


Small is 60mm diameter/ 18.9cm circumference

Medium is 65mm diameter/ 20.4cm circumference

Large is 70mm diameter/ 22cm circumference


But remember these are just the standard options. All of my bangles are made from scratch by me, so if when you work out your size (see below) you feel like you need a different size, just let me know. 



So, how do you find out which is the best size bangle for you?


The 2 best options to measure your bangle size are:


1) Measure an existing, well-fitting bangle

This is the easiest option - just find a bangle that fits you well, and measure the internal diameter (across from North to South straight through the middle of the bangle). Make sure it's the inside of the bangle you measure, don't reach to the outer edge of the bangle. Then choose the nearest size (bigger) from the choices above (or contact me if you'd like a bespoke size). 


2) Measuring your hand with a tape

You'll need a measuring tape, or piece of string.

Bend your thumb as far as possible into your hand. The kind of position you would put your hand into if you were putting a bangle on, with the thumb reaching toward the little finger. 

Then wrap the measuring tape around the widest part of your hand.  Keep the tape tight, it shouldn't be loose - we are looking to get a measurement of the smallest you can make your wrist. It's always so tempting to leave a bit of wiggle room when measuring, but you don't want to do that!

Make a note of the size, or mark the string and measure against a ruler. 

This measurement gives you the circumference (see the size guides above). 


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Bear in mind when choosing your size, that you will want to go for the next size up, rather than the nearest size down. If you've measured correctly you should have the circumference of the hand at its smallest, so anything smaller than that just will not go on. 

Do bear in mind that all of my bangles are handmade for you, so if you find you need a different size, just let me know, I'll be happy to help. 

If you're unsure, or are buying as a gift, I'd recommend going for the medium size 65mm diameter, which fits most people, and is by far the most common size in the UK. 

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