Another way to personalise your jewellery...

Another way to personalise your jewellery...

Well, after many years of thinking about it, I finally made the decision to invest in some top notch engraving kit. 

Previously I'd only been able to hand stamp names and dates inside my rings, but I'm hoping this will open up a whole world of design possibilities. A new way to personalise and add extra layers of meaning to your jewellery. 

engraving on a ring

What is the difference between hand stamping and engraving?

Stamping involves a steel punch or stamp with the letter on it which is lined up and then hit with a hammer to impress that shape into the metal. Each letter needs to be lined up individually, and when hit the metal spreads out which can cause a slight distortion in the item being stamped.

Engraving is more a case of removing the excess metal using a sharp tool. More like carving the letters into the item than impressing them. It gives a neater finish as there is no lining up of punches and there are lots more options in style/ font. 

Basically stamping is a little less polished, and handmade looking whilst engraving has a more finished, neater look. Don't worry if you prefer the stamped look - I am definitely still able to offer this if that's what you prefer.

Engraving your existing jewellery

Engraving can be done after the ring is made - for stamping it's the first step before the ring is formed. So this means as well as new pieces, if you have an existing Becky Pearce Designs item which you would like to have engraved I'd love to help! So if your stacking rings are in need of an extra personal touch, just message me.

The cost will be £20 for the first item or £40 for two or more pieces.  Just get in touch. 


More than words...

engraved birth flower necklace

I love making jewellery that is personal and unique and this is really going to enhance what I can offer. Not only words, but new designs - like my new birth flower collection. 

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