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Happy New Year! Current lead time is 2 to 4 weeks

Teeny tiny silver hearts

Fine silver, handmade, teeny tiny hearts. 

The little hearts are all handmade so the size will vary very slightly, but they are approximately 5mm at the broadest point. 

There are 3 different finishes available. I either hammer the silver to allow the light to bounce off them in all directions, which makes them super sparkly, ( see 1st photo) or give them a satin, brushed silver finish . The 3rd option is a smooth, high shine polished finish.

A lovely dainty addition to any ear!

The post is sterling silver, and I use sterling silver butterfly backs. 

I cut the post to 10mm which seems to be the perfect size for most people, to enable these earrings to be worn all day and night comfortably.