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Spiralling gemstone ring

Spiralling gemstone ring

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This is one of those designs which come about by playing. I was having a rubbish week and just wanted  to play and have fun with making. 

I was trying to wrap the silver in a freeform fluid way; kind of chaotically, but to my eye the result is still somehow relatively orderely!

In the wrapping I spotted a space which would be perfect for a little 6mm gemstone to nestle. I can never resist adding a gemstone. And out of the chaos comes beauty. 

Most importantly it was fun to make and definitely improved my week. 

Some of the 6mm stones are a bit more expensive which you will see in the drop down list, so I have also added an option for a 5mm stone but I haven't made/ taken a photo of this option yet!

Each of these rings will be made by hand so will be completely unique.

You can choose your favourite gemstone or birthstone to add from the selection list. 

The total height of the ring is approx 14mm

Care information

All sterling silver and 9ct gold jewellery will benefit from a polish with a jewellery polishing cloth. Used regularly this can keep tarnish at bay. Avoid contact with water for long periods, and chemicals.

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