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Soundwave pendant necklace in sterling silver - rectangle

Soundwave pendant necklace in sterling silver - rectangle

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Introducing my Sterling Silver Soundwave Pendant, a unique and personalised piece of jewellery.

The Soundwave Pendant allows you to transform any sound – be it a heartfelt message, a favorite song lyric, or the laughter of a loved one – into a tangible and wearable masterpiece. Each wave is meticulously engraved onto the pendant, creating a visual representation of the sound's vibrations that resonates with both elegance and emotion.

It's a moment manifested in silver. A meaningful connection you can carry with you, a cherished memory draped around your neck. Gift it to a partner with the sweet melody of your shared song or surprise a friend with the laughter you both hold dear. The possibilities are as endless as the melodies that shape our lives.

Crafted from 100% sterling silver, this pendant not only stands as a symbol of individuality but also boasts durability and timeless beauty.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Soundwave Pendant promotes a sense of closeness and connection. Wear it close to your heart, and let the resonance of the sound remind you of the moments that define you. The pendant becomes a tangible bridge between the audible and the tangible, allowing you to carry the echoes of love, joy, and nostalgia wherever you go.

This Sterling Silver Soundwave Pendant is a story waiting to be told, a melody waiting to be sung. Embrace the beauty of sound with this uniquely crafted piece, and let your memories become an everlasting symphony around your neck.


The silver pendant is 30mm x 6mm (but I can do other sizes on request!)

The chain is 16 with an extender so it can be worn as up to 18" length. 

You can also choose to add an additional engraving to the back of the pendant. If you would like me to add some text (a name, or date for example) I will use the lovely Palatino font. 


Once you've placed your order, please send me an email (you can just reply to your order confirmation email) with a sound recording/ voice note attached. If you need a hand with this or some more info just get in touch. 

Please include your order number if you're not just replying to the confirmation email. 

My email address is or you can just reply to the order confirmation email that will be sent to you automatically. 

Do get in touch if you've got any questions/ additional requests. 

Care information

All sterling silver and 9ct gold jewellery will benefit from a polish with a jewellery polishing cloth. Used regularly this can keep tarnish at bay. Avoid contact with water for long periods, and chemicals.

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