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Becky Pearce Designs

Silver drop hoops

Silver drop hoops

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When you melt silver it forms a little ball, which is a lovely way to use those teeny bits of silver. These earrings are made by melting silver into 2 little silver balls, which I then solder a teeny loop onto. The little silver drops aren’t perfect spheres, they will all be slightly different textures and shapes depending on how the heat works it’s magic.

Some cleaning, sanding, shaping and polishing later and these little silver drop hoops are made.

The creole style hoops the drops are hung from have a little hinge to open them up, making them super easy to put on. The ones in the picture are 15mm but you can also choose 11mm, 13mm and 18mm in the box below.

Care information

All sterling silver and 9ct gold jewellery will benefit from a polish with a jewellery polishing cloth. Used regularly this can keep tarnish at bay. Avoid contact with water for long periods, and chemicals.

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