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Current lead time 2 to 3 weeks

Mixed metal, copper and sterling silver textured stacking rings

Another variation of my stacking ring set for those who love the mixed metals like me. 

This set holds 5 rings, with a mix of textures and styles of ring, all handmade to your size in eco-friendly sterling silver and copper. 

The eco- sterling silver I use is 100% recycled sterling. 

This set has 3 slim round edge copper rings which are 1.5mm thick with a soft hammered texture. The other 2 rings are 2.3mm x 1.5mm and have a D shape profile, (meaning they are flat on the inside and round on the outside), both with different texture styles.  

Your ring will be sent to you in a card gift box with the Becky Pearce Designs logo embossed with free p&p.