Engraving service

Engraving service

If youve been here a while, you'll know how much I love offering personalisation. Jewellery which means a more with names, birthstones, and secret messages. 

So a little while back, after years of uhming and ahing I've decided to take the plunge and by myself an engraving machine. 

The reason I've been putting it off is because they just cost SUCH a lot of money, but I think it's going to be worth it (🤞).

This new workshop buddy of mine is called Derek and he will allow me to engrave names, dates, phrases onto things rather than having to rely soley on hand stamping. 


engraving close up

The difference between engraving and hand stamping

Stamping is using a steel stamp and hammer to impress each letter into the metal, so the metal gets squished and distorted a little. Then you line up the next letter next to it and repeat - (which often means the letters aren't exactly aligned). Engraving on the other hand describes using a sharp tool (in this case a diamond tipped engraver) to carve the words or pattern into the metal. 

It's a much more sophisticated look, not quite as wonky as my hand stamping (which I must admit I still love, and will still offer for those who prefer it!) But I think it will work lots better in flush set stone rings, and in wedding bands - and designs which need the metal stay perfect, and not distorted. 

BUT in addition to the obvious personalisation options I can now offer some new designs (and this is the reason I splashed out). 

I can now engrave fingerprints onto my jewellery, soundwave patterns, and even some simple maps and pictures. Look out for lots of lovely new things coming very soon!

I really hope you like them. 

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