What is the Difference Between Hand-stamping and Engraving?

What is the Difference Between Hand-stamping and Engraving?

What is the Difference Between Hand-stamping and Engraving?

For me, the more personal a piece of jewellery is the better. I just love the stories behind each piece. 

Even if you just choose a pair of earrings to go with a particular outfit;  there's a story right there. About the outfit, the occasion, the planning and the looking forward to it. That's what makes jewellery so special to me. 

So, I'm always delighted when I am asked to add a name, date, phrase, even song lyrics to a piece of jewellery - something that makes it even more unique. 

Often there is an option to add this on the product page, but if not, just drop me a message and I'll let you know if the item is suitable for personalising in this way. 

hand stamping

I add the words (or numbers) using a hand stamping technique. This is basically using a set of steel punches (I have a few different sizes). I line each character up on the piece of jewellery, and using a hammer, indent that character into the silver. 

It's a rustic look. The characters aren't always lined up or spaced perfectly as each is done individually by hand, but personally I think that's where the charm lies. I love seeing the maker's touch on a piece they have created. 

hand stamping 1.jpg

Engraving is a different technique completely, and unfortunately is not something I can currently offer. Engraving basically involves removing the metal using a sharp engraving tool to leave the character.  This is most often done with an engraving machine these days rather than by hand, and can usually be done using lots of different computer fonts. Obviously, it is lined up and spaced perfectly by the machine so gives a much more perfect look. 

hand stamping 4.jpg

If you prefer the look of engraving, you might like to get one of my items engraved independently at your local jewellers, as this can be done once the item is made. 

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