Make a Chunky Russian Wedding Ring with me

Make a Chunky Russian Wedding Ring with me

My wide band silver russian wedding rings have become one of my most popular pieces recently so I thought you might like to see a little behind the scenes video of them being made. 

They are really just three simple bands, which are interlocked but the tricky bit is the shaping of each ring and the sizing. Aaaah the sizing!! That really took me way too long (and too much silver) to figure out. 😂

Obviously these aren't all the steps just some little clips along the way but it gives you the idea of how I make them. 

Sanding and polishing is the bit that takes a loooooong time so I didn't show much of that at all - I figure that's boring to watch, but basically each ring has to be sanded with lots of different grades of wheel (in the above snapshot), from rough to get out any deep scratches, gradually getting finer and finer until it's nice and shiny and scratch free. Then comes the actual polishing with a couple of different polishing compounds. 

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