Christmas is on the horizon and you’ll soon be searching for presents to give to family and friends. But before you head out to the high street, why not consider buying handmade gifts this year? Not only will you be supporting small businesses, but you’re also guaranteed to give something unique to those special people in your life.

So why buy handmade gifts this Christmas? Well, I’m glad you asked…

solitaire pendant in sapphire
  • Quality and care

  • There’s nothing quite like the quality and care that goes into making handmade gifts. Unlike items made in large factories for large corporations, handmade items are made to last. Each piece has been lovingly designed and handcrafted in order to bring happiness and joy to the recipient. 

    Sadly, we live in a throwaway culture, so there’s nothing better than buying something you know will last a long time. With jewellery, these could well be pieces that are passed down through generations. 

    birthstone stacking rings

  • Supporting local and small businesses 

  • ‘Shop local’ and ‘Support Small Business’ have become popular features on social media, and for good reason. Supporting local businesses does wonders for the business owners themselves and also the local economy. 

    Many small business owners who specialise in handmade gifts were hobbyists, who quickly found a demand for their pieces. Knowing you’re supporting someone’s vision and desire to build their business from the ground up is a fantastic feeling. It also enables them to do something they love whilst supporting themselves and their families.

  • Ethical and sustainable 

    When buying handmade gifts, you can rest assured that crafters care where their materials come from. Many choose to use recycled packaging or locally sourced materials to avoid items travelling from miles away. 

    Handmade pieces are often the result of hours of careful planning and creation, sometimes from a crafter’s kitchen table or garden studio. 

    Where ever possible I use recycled sterling silver and gold. I use lab made stones as well as mined stones, and my packaging is plastic free. 

    And I have recently linked with a company called Ecologi, to plant a tree for each and every order on the website. 

    I've still got more to do, but I am working on it. 

    No big factories and mass production. Just unique gifts and pieces for you to enjoy. 

  • Crafts are kept alive 

  • In a world of machinery and computer programmes that create thousands of pieces at a time, we’re in danger of losing some of the skills from the past. Handmade products keep those skills alive, allowing the next generation to learn and refine them further. 

    It also means there’s a demand for education too - with craftspeople offering workshops and courses for others who wish to learn new skills and begin making their own pieces.

    tourmaline ring
  • Individuality 

  • There’s nothing better than receiving a handmade piece. Something so unique that you know there’s no one else in the world who has one exactly like yours. It shows how thoughtful someone has been when thinking of you and what would bring you happiness. It shows you they care. 

    Not only that, handmade gifts spark conversations. Admirers want to know where you got the piece and when. Not only making you feel great but also providing more referrals and customers for a small business owner. 

    So if you want to give your loved ones a special gift this Christmas, why not buy handmade? You can be guaranteed it’s made with love and you’ll be supporting a small business too.

    Ooooh and of course, if you’re interested in purchasing jewellery, why not take a look at my designs?

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