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The simplicity collection

What I'm working onBecky Pearce
simplicity circle pendant 1.jpg

Well, I don’t normally put together “collections” as such. It all feels a bit grown up! But this time I couldnt help myself.

The first step was making a matching pendant necklace for the simplicity circle earrings, which have been a firm favourite since I introduced the design back in 2017. Then a dangle version of the earrings. Then I thought it would be nice to make some ovals (which turned into 2 different sizes, both an open style then a hammered solid oval) It was at this point that I realised I couldn’t stop.

So the simplicity collection was born; a collection of simple, elegant easy to wear designs (earrings, pendants, rings and bangles).

Because of the simplicty of the designs, I spent quite a long time seeking out the perfect chains for these necklaces. I wanted them to be strong but delicate. Nothing too fussy, but still quite feminine. This is what I came up with.

2019-10-01 18.12.58.jpg

The slim 1.5mm trace chain is perfect because the close knit chain adds sparkle and texture to the designs. They suit the minimal pendants, not being overpowering but i can confirm I have put them to the test - (and I am a necklace fiddler and puller) and they are strong enough to cope even with me!

square bar studs.jpg

I've also made these bar earrings available. These are something I made a couple of years ago for my daughter when she got her ears pierced. She has such teeny earlobes, she needed something dainty to wear – and for her it had to be not to 'girly' so these silver bars were just the job.

As well as these I've also added a rounder bar. I just love the shape of these.

The whole collection is now available on the website, and most items are available in either 100% recycled eco-silver, and 100% recycled 9ct gold.

The stone of summer!

What I'm working onBecky PearceComment

I’ve been making a few pieces in the last few weeks featuring what I know think of as THE stone for summer.

Dreamy Photo by  James Connolly  on  Unsplash

Dreamy Photo by James Connolly on Unsplash

Every time I make something with this stone - I have visions in my head of white sandy beaches, and palm trees. Also, one of those fancy cocktails with pineapple and coconut or something (which doesn’t really appeal taste wise but looks great in my daydream).

If you follow me on instagram or on my facebook page you might already know what I’m talking about because I keep going on and on (and on) about it. But if not, let me introduce you to Sea Blue Agate.

Birthstone/ gemstone dangle earrings in Sea Blue Agate

Birthstone/ gemstone dangle earrings in Sea Blue Agate

It’s one of those gorgeous stones, a bit like white moonstone, in which the colour seems to swirl around like mist and change a little in the light.

Sea Blue Agate ring in sterling silver

Sea Blue Agate ring in sterling silver

I think this may have just overtaken Turquoise as the stone of summer in my mind. I’d love to know what you think.