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How to make Mothers Day extra special.

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I’m here to make your life a little bit easier by helping you to make Mothers Day extra special!

Some of you may know that I support a local charity called Stripey Stork. I found out about them around this time last year and I’m so glad I did.

Basically, they take in donations of new and pre-loved clothes, toys and equipment for babies and children which are then carefully checked to make sure they’re clean, safe, and in great condition before they are given out to families in need.

They work in partnership with local agencies, such as children’s centres, women’s shelters and other social service agencies to they make sure that the items are distributed to the people who need it most.

An example could be a mother and her children who have escaped from a violent home and are now in a local refuge. In these situations there is often no time to pack all the essentials, and here is where Stripey Stork can help - with packs of clothes all ready made up by age, toys, books and all the necessary equipment. Ready to go as soon as it is needed.

Just have a read of this little story (and if you’re anything like me you might just get something in your eye whilst reading it!)

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Anyway, I’m sure you’re wondering how any of this, lovely though it is, will help you make your Mother’s Day extra special.

Well this year I’ve teamed up with Stripey Stork to offer you a couple of Mothers’ Day gift bundles as part of their Mum2Mum Mothers Day campaign.

There is a choice of 2 necklaces:

1) the teeny heart pendant (pic below) and

2) the birthstone charm necklace (pic above)

and each comes with a choice of one of the beautiful Mothers Day cards, designed exclusively for Stripey Stork.

20% of the price of these necklaces (bought from now up until Mothers Day on 31st March) will go directly to Stripey Stork to support their Mum2Mum campaign.

teeny heart pendant.jpg

If the mum in your life would prefer flowers or chocs rather than jewellery you can still support the campaign by just buying the card either on it’s own for £2.50 plus p&p or by buying the card and also adding a small donation to buy another mum a pamper package ( a thank you note detailing this will be included along with the card).


For those mums who have extra difficulties to cope with, a little gift at this time of year can mean the world.

I think this campaign is particularly special to me as my mum died when I was a teenager, so it kind of feels like my way of giving a Mothers Day gift to her. I know she would have approved.