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  1. When people think about ethical concerns about jewellery, they usually think of diamonds and gold and the conflicts, and working condition surrounding the mining of these commodities.

    Fairtrade gold is now available, ensuring the workers are given a fair price and good conditions;  and diamonds are increasingly traceable to ensure they are also sourced from reputable providers. However, although the fairtrade status of gold is important, I still much prefer to use recycled gold. T

    The effects of mining for metal on the environment is quite incredible, with a 2004 report for Earthworks suggesting that for every ounce of gold mined, 79 tons of mine waste is created. 

    The impact of silver mining is less easy to calculate as silver generally comes to the market as a by-product of mining for other metals; copper, zinc and gold. In 2005 only 30% of silver came from stand alone silver mines. But with metal mining overall believed to cost the environment around 10% of world energy usage, arsenic emmissions and cyanide poisoning I just want to distance myself from it as much as possible. 

    Luckily these days recycled silver is widely available, and I use this option wherever possible. Recyled gold too is more readily available than it has been for years. 



  2. The most popular items I make tend to be those that include birthstones; and especially my birthstone stacking rings

     birthstone ring stack, garnet, white topaz and ruby

    I decided to make the birthstone stacking rings as I wanted an alternative to fingerprint jewellery, something a bit more colourful, delicate, and a little bit different. 

    The idea is that you choose the birthstones of yourself and/or your loved ones, and wear them all stacked together. A daily momento of your special people.

    Stacking birthstone rings

    One of the things I love about them is that they are so tactile, and you can mix the stack around to have a different look.  

    People have chosen all birthstone stacks, or spaced two birthstones with a 9ct gold heart, or other shape. So many possibilities.  

    gold ring square

    And the great thing is you can always add another ring to the stack at any time. :-)

    There are some examples of my favourite birthstone stacking rings sets on my gallery page.

    All of the rings are handmade by me in my home studio to your exact size requirements (it's usually a good idea to get 1/2 a size bigger than usual for sets of three or more).

    I use eco-sterling silver, which is 100% recycled sterling, to make the ring band and fine silver for the setting. 

    To add that extra personal touch I can also stamp a name, date or phrase to the inside of the ring band. Stamping is a little different to etching, and is a little more "higgledy" but is a really nice touch on handmade items.