Hi, I'm Becky Pearce, and I love to handmake jewellery, for people who want something a little bit more special....

 becky pearce

Whether it's the favourite little earrings that we wear every day and every night (incidentally I make all my ear posts just  the right length for sleeping in so they don't stab your head in the night!!) or your diamond set engagement ring, they all hold a special place in our hearts. 

My aim is to make jewellery that will become a favourite, that will be comfortable to wear and stand the test of time

I especially love jewellery with an extra meaning; birthstone jewellery is a key part of my collection and I offer designs for each birthstone. I'm not saying that I necessarily believe in the "talisman" effect of wearing your own birthstone, but I do love the extra thought that goes into choosing such a piece. And the special feeling you get from wearing it because of that.

I also particularly love making birthstone stacking rings; mums can stack their birthstone with those of their children, you can even have a name, date or message stamped on the inside of the band. These are real heirloom pieces, something special to wear everyday and pass on to your children. 

 my studioMy Home Studio

Becky Pearce Designs (formally known as Red Bird Jewellery) has been going since 2010, and is growing all the time. 

Whilst in my studio, I'm usually listening to an audio book, one of my huge list of podcasts or the fabulous 6music. And when I'm not busy making jewellery I love to take my cockapoo Kipper out on long walks, and spend time with my husband and two gorgeous daughters. I'm also currently attempting to learn crochet (and so far failing miserably).

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 So please have a browse of the shop, and do get in touch if you need any more information. 


I'm a sociable sort.

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Ethical considerations

I use recycled silver and gold where possible, and source my gemstones from responsible dealers.

Many of the gemstones I use are lab grown. Meaning they possess exactly the same material composition and structure as their natural cousins but are an excellent alternative. They are ‘real’ but are just grown in laboratory conditions. They tend to be brighter in hue than most naturally sourced stones (the brightest of which are the most rare, and therefore most expensive).


They are guaranteed conflict free, ethically sourced and won’t have the inclusions found in natural stones. I must admit, often the inclusions give their charm so I do tend to use both options!